The first thing we need to do is learn about your company needs, what you want to accomplish, and the styles you like. We usually we start out with a free brief consultation, throw around some ideas, and nit pick your brain in this stage of the process. This helps us get an overview on how to proceed with your project along with the style and approach we need to take.

After we had our brief consultation and figured out our plan of attack shortly you will receive your first design sets. If it's a logo design you might get 3 to 5 designs, however it fluxuates and depends on our initial consultation and the complexity of the project (such as a brochure, poster, and so forth).

In the next phase you take a look at the drafts we made and suggest modifications, or things you would like to see different. We then take your input and make the necessary changes. This step in some instances repeats multiple times until the final piece of work is complete.

Once your project is complete, we will finalize the design and output it into various file formats. These different file formats will let you use your project files on the web, print production, or just store it for future use until the time is right.

Rebecca Love Cardennis
Phone: (303) 507-2001

"Rebecca has been able to quickly react to my organization's requests and create draft versions that are close to final. I supply ideas and a brief outline, and she knows how to turn concepts into an attractive design that tells a story. Her ability to listen, communicate, draw, vectorize, and produce is unmatched amidst all of the noise surrounding us."

Stephanie Andelman -