Shinza Design was once a collective of a number of people but as the years went it was only one that truely had the passion to make it a company. The word "Shinza" meaning honorable shrine has always been more of a creation concept. To make a logo, or website or even a party flyer into an experience. From the marketing to the event.

Our motto is to keep it simple. It is the simple Imagery that gets the most attention and are easier to remember. By having a simple, but creative mindset you can be sure that we will make your project stand out from your competitors.

Well, I have always been artistic and started professionally in photography. I was almost through a photography program in California when digital photography really started to make advances. It didn't take much for me to get enticed away from the smelly dark room with hand eating chemicals and move towards computers and the digital way. I graduated from San Francisco State Universiting with an Infomational Arts degree, with an emphasis in emersive design.

After college I worked at a small childrens software company, working on the java client email program and doing thier marketing. After a couple years of working in the corporate world I decided to make the big step and work on my own. I've specialized in corprate idenity and branding for small start up companies, creating branding, websites and marketing material. Creating imagery and design that will help them grow their dream.

The learning never stops because new software keeps coming out, but I love it. I think you need to have a passion for learning and designing to be in this industry because of its intensity. Over the years now I worked with almost over five-hundred clients. Everyday when I wake up I start the day with designing and I end it the same way. Somewhere throughout the week I manage to find time for Rock/Ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, painting and welding.

Rebecca Love Cardennis
Phone: (303) 507-2001

"Rebecca, I have really enjoyed working with you. Your service is top notch. I wish more companies took the time to care about their customers needs and the specific details involved as much as you do. Again this has been a great experience and I will recommend you to anyone that needs a logo update and website built. Thanks again."

Shad Bruno -